In INSTALROS S.R.L., we are dedicated to the advice, design, installation and integration of solutions for the security of your heritage. We are a company with a great experience in video surveillance systems, intrusion, fire detection and notification and access control. We have extensive experience in clients such as: Casinos, Banks, Airports, Industrial Plants, Government Entities, with coverage throughout the country. We are official integrators of the brands: Tyco, American Dynamics, Software House, Simplex, Hikvision, Honeywell. Our company stands out for providing a high-end and very strict service with confidentiality policies. The main objective we seek is to be a strategic ally of our clients where they find in us a supplier that gives a solution and price according to each project, using, maximizing and integrating new and existing resources.

Solutions that in addition to protecting your company, help you grow

It is important to protect yourself from cyberattacks with a safe product development program

Instalros implements video solutions that meet the most stringent standards of the Cyber ​​Protection Program for Security Products. This holistic cybernetic approach begins with the initial design concept, extends throughout product development and continues through implementation, which includes a rapid incident response to meet the needs of comprehensive and changing cybersecurity environments. In addition, Instalros accompanies its clients in regional and international risk mitigation practices with archiving and switching technologies in case of failures that guarantee business continuity in different cases of the supply cut. NVR s recorders have the most important certification of the UL High Cyber ​​Security Program (UL CAP) for personal security. Continuous dedication to having protected security equipment is a guarantee that our products will comply with cybersecurity standards.

Get valuable information from your video data and our intelligence and traffic solutions

Here is a different way to view your business operations: video analysis solutions. Our video analysis specialists can tell you the sources of data and the ideas that matter. We offer open source video analysis software, web-based video analysis, video analysis servers and more. We help you measure and monitor retail traffic, residence times and employee / department performance

An efficient Video Surveillance system

Cameras have always been an integral part of any monitoring system and are widely used, now more than ever. Recognizing the potential of video surveillance to improve security, Instalros SRL offers you integrated solutions to simplify and strengthen your video surveillance systems. The cutting-edge product range provides end-to-end support, from cameras and monitors to software for easy integration; data collection, analysis and storage; all of which contributes to building a powerful and effective security system.

A primary solution for cost savings is the CCURE BMS platform

The C • CURE BMS Building Management System provides integrated monitoring of all functions of a building or campus from a workstation, via web access, or remotely from a mobile device. Supervision includes monitoring and control of Building Automation Systems (BAS) for security, access control, fire detection and suppression, elevators and escalators, electrical distribution and human comfort systems, such as HVAC, lighting, blinds and building quality air. Power management functionality It also provides visibility of any power generation system, such as solar, photovoltaic, wind or other renewable energy generation systems, in order to keep them at an optimum level of generating capacity.

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